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Broad Strokes | Ep. 8 feat. Annie Margarita

On our eighth episode of Broad Strokes, I BS with the inimitable Annie Margarita of Vida, Oregon. A true Jane of all trades, Annie shares about her time in the Military bending iron, getting her degree in film and animation, and then really getting creative with mural painting, amusement park sculpting, and now teaching fine painting, leatherwork, and beading! Is there anything she can’t do?!

Check out her gorgeous art at: https://anniemargarita.com/

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Broad Strokes Ep. 6 ft. Kathi Beattie

Kathi Beattie has been painting homes in the Pacific Northwest for over two decades. Despite being a mere 4’9″, surviving two types of cancer and living with MS, there still ain’t much out there that can keep her down.

This week’s Episode of Broad Strokes Podcast comes jam-packed with short person jokes, stories of overcoming prejudice and adversity, and ends with a special surprise gift for our guest, Kathi Beattie of A Woman’s Touch Painting in Lacey, Washington.

You can find Kathi and A Woman’s Touch Painting on Facebook for now, and on her brand-spanking-new Website in January of 2021.

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Broad Strokes Ep. 4 feat. Brooke Cambridge

Broad Strokes Ep. 4 feat. Brooke Cambridge

🤷‍♀️ “What are you waiting for? Just do it!” 💪

Episode 4 of the Broad Strokes Podcast features Brooke Cambridge of BLC Painting in Salem, Massachusetts! We BS about the growing pains of dropping the brush and transitioning into business ownership, and she shares uplifting advice for women who are considering taking the entrepreneurial plunge! She reminds us that success can be achieved even when the perfect circumstances are out of reach, so quit waiting around and just do it!

👩‍💻 Check out Brooke’s website: http://www.blcpainting.com/index.html
📸 IG: @blc_painting_

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